Saturday Q&A 12.28.19 – A Preview

It’s not 2020 yet, obviously, but I’m so excited to share this blog with you that I decided to give you a Q&A post early to preview this new writing venture.  So, here’s a few questions to whet your appetite.

What are you writing about exactly?

Hmm… how do I nail it down to just a few words?  I’m writing about vision. Focus.  Inspiration, creativity, drive, ambition, struggle, pain, resilience, HOPE.  Connection. People.  The Human Condition.  Whatever it is, I hope you like it.

Who are you writing about?

I wanna write about and talk to anyone with a story to tell.  I am definitely preparing twelve monthly profile pieces about people who have something cool and exciting that they’re doing with their lives in 2020 and beyond.

But I’ve also been talking to people who have stories about their struggles with mental health.  I’ve got others who might not fit the mold of the monthly long-form interview, but still have something interesting to say.

Above all, I want to know what makes people tick, what inspires them, and what gets them excited about life.

Is this a “Christian” blog?

Interesting question… I’m a Christian, so my worldview does influence how I think and how I write… but the inference in the question is potentially troublesome to me.  I’m a Christian who writes, not a Christian writer.  I’m a Christian who counsels, not a Christian counselor.  I’m a person who subscribes to a Christian philosophy (I’m sure I’ll write more about that this year) but I am also a person who is interested in all people, regardless of their faith, and will be spotlighting their stories throughout the year.

It just so happens that the first profile was focused on a couple of Christian faith, but I can assure you that won’t be the case every time.  Stay tuned – I think you’ll find there’s something here for everyone.

I am really excited to get started.  I’ve got a few things already in the queue and am looking to connect with as many people as possible.  If you have an inspiring story to tell don’t hesitate to reach out.  If you have questions, I’d love to hear them. In fact, you can easily submit them in the form below.

Meanwhile, come back on January 1st and read the first 2020 Vision piece of the year!

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